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Bucktown Music Fundraiser


About the Fundraiser

Bucktown Music is thrilled to partner with El Amor de Patricia to provide high quality music education to the children and caregivers in the Children’s Home, located just outside Guatemala City.  


Bucktown Music co-founder Luis Solares was born and raised in Guatemala, and moved to the USA after high school to pursue a degree in music, where he met his wife, Jessica, in 1998.  They have stayed connected with Guatemala and visit frequently, along with their daughter.  


Bucktown Music has been inspiring people to love and create music since 2008, when Luis & Jessica opened their own music studio in Chicago, IL.  Thousands of families have been through the doors and they are proud to have students that have started with them as little babies and are now in high school and college and beyond, many of whom still play their instruments and even compose original music.


The Solares family toured the Amor de Patricia Children’s Home in February 2022 and immediately knew that they wanted to bring the joy of music to these wonderful kids.  


Luis helped restring and fix up some ukuleles that had been previously donated to the home, and will be giving the older kids virtual ukulele lessons from Chicago, and in-person lessons when he is in Guatemala. 


Jessica will be working with the younger children and their caregivers, to teach them songs, poems, and musical activities that they can easily incorporate throughout their day to boost early childhood learning and brain development, along with strengthening social-emotional skills.  Jessica is a lead educator trainer for Kindermusik International and is thankful to have the opportunity to teach the nannies and staff at El Amor de Patricia the best way to use music to support babies and toddlers’ learning and wellbeing during these formative years.


Music is not only a universal language; it also heals trauma, gives a creative outlet to express oneself, and most importantly, brings people together at a time when we all need to feel more connected, especially the children at El Amor de Patricia.  


Your donation will help provide the following:

  • Quality instruments

  • Instructional materials (such as lesson books) for students

  • Early Childhood Activity Packages for the caregivers

  • Virtual and In-Person instruction for students and staff


Thank you for helping to bring the joy of music to these wonderful and deserving children!


For more information about Bucktown Music visit:

Phone: 773-904-7426

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