Feeding Program

According to the World Bank, Guatemala has the sixth highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world and the highest in Latin American Countries. Chronic childhood malnutrition (and stunting) affects 47 % of all children under the age of five and 58 % of indigenous children.

El Amor de Patricia intends to ensure that the residents of Yalu are receiving proper nutritional subsidies that will help improve their brain function and overall health.  Our goal is to subsidize protein-rich food for the village allowing them to fill in the needed fruits and vegetables and other necessities on their own.

El Amor will partner with other organizations in the United States and in Guatemala, to provide fortified rice, lentils, and black beans so each villager gets their daily required vitamins.  We also aim to provide produce trees for the people to maintain with provided training on how to care for them.  

In addition to the current families in our Feeding Program, there are 49 families who are still living in crisis in Yalu.  These families continue to need COVID Crisis Relief, primarily due to job loss.  El Amor provides food subsidies to these 49 families every two weeks. 

Your monthly sponsorship will provide a monthly delivery of protein-rich foods to a family in need so that they can focus on education, finding employment, and other life-building skills. 


Recommended sponsorship amounts to cover costs: 

  • Family of 5 and under - $35 

  • Family of 6 to 8 - $50

  • Family of 8 and over - $70 

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Covid Crisis

In March 2020, when the pandemic hit Guatemala, thousands of families were left without jobs and no way to provide for their families. The tourism industry was reduced by 100% and there was no public transportation. Harsh government restrictions made it difficult for people to make any income to feed their hungry children. Malnutrition sky-rocketed and food prices rose amidst the crisis.

The village of Yalu was shut down completely, no one allowed in or out except under special circumstances. Most families who were already struggling were in dire situations. El Amor de Patricia was allowed under Humanitarian Aid to enter Yalu to feed over 500 families twice a month. For over 9 months El Amor provided much-needed food security.


Also, hundreds of people were lining the streets holding white flags as a sign that they had no food. El Amor de Patricia was blessed to be able to meet the need and deliver thousands of food bags to desperate families throughout Guatemala. 

As the pandemic shifts in other parts of the world, the need is still great in Guatemala as it recovers from the long-term effects of COVID-19. Many families are still out of work and in desperate need of food.

As a result of the need for continued food security, El Amor de Patricia is scheduling food packing events in states across the US.  Our ultimate goal is to get one protein-rich meal fortified with daily vitamins to each person in the village every single day.  Each meal costs approximately .29 including shipping from the US to Guatemala.  We currently have 168,000 meals to ship.  Contributions toward covering the cost of these life sustaining meals are greatly appreciated.