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Yalu Community Partnership


At the end of a long winding road in the beautiful rolling hills outside of Sumpango, Guatemala, lies the village of Yalu.  Nearly all the villagers live in unimaginable poverty. Collaboration since 2014 based on trust, loyalty, and friendship is the foundation of our partnership that makes sustainable change in the village. The work El Amor de Patricia does is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of the biggest challenges in Yalu. We make sure our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and families, as well as the community.  Whether it be food subsidies, providing a home, or assisting in larger community needs, such as bringing access to water into the village, El Amor listens to the voices of the people.

Yalu Boys

Since El Amor de Patricia started working in Yalu, our eight Yalu boys have shown great interest in helping their community and leading by example with hope and determination for a brighter future. They show up regularly to help El Amor deliver food baskets, set up beds and stoves, and are always wanting to help.  

The Yalu Boys are eager to learn skills to enhance their ability to help their neighbors, keep the roads clean, and be good stewards of the community.

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