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Children's Home

I dream of a Guatemala where all children are safe. I dream of a Guatemala where kids do not have their childhood stolen from them. I dream of a Guatemala where every child has loving adults around to protect them. Where no child must face abuse, neglect, malnutrition, or separation from family. And while I do not know if I will see this Guatemala in my lifetime, I know one thing for sure.  El Amor de Patricia will be here. El Amor de Patricia is dedicated to our children. To Yalu. El Amor de Patricia is access to education, medical care, healthy nutrition, and therapy. El Amor de Patricia is safety. It is home. It is love.  ~ Kahleah Guibault, Director El Amor de Patricia


El Amor de Patricia children’s home located in San Lucas, Sacatepequez, Guatemala, is a home for abandoned, abused, and neglected children who are loved, appreciated and encouraged to reach their full potential in a family-style setting. Our home provides stability, healthy nutrition, a private education, and medical, psychological, and dental care, in a safe and empowering holistic environment.  El Amor includes activities to grow an appreciation for the Guatemalan culture and provide real-life experiences. With a low nanny/child ratio, the kids receive individualized care and an abundance of love.

Sponsor a Child

Your sponsorship helps provide a safe and loving home that fosters a developmentally healthy environment at the most critical time in their lives.  When you sponsor a child, you will get general updates, photos, and letters.  Below are the children that are available for sponsorship. 


Sponsorship starts at $25 per month. This amount will go towards helping cover the cost of living for all 25 children in our home (healthy nutrition, housing, loving and dedicated staff, real-life activities, medical checkups, and therapy).  

Sponsor a Child - Home


Due to the privacy of some of our kids, who are court-ordered to be at

El Amor de Patricia, we do not show their pictures on our website.

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