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We are John and Vicki Peterkins. We live in Pennsylvania and have three amazing children.

I started going to Guatemala in 2015 and instantly fell in love with the country and its people. We have returned many times on our own and with teams.

We are passionate about helping the children and staff at the El Amor de Patricia children's home. We also love to serve in the village of Yalu. It is a very impoverished village but is thriving thanks to El Amor de Patricia. 

This July we will be returning to Guatemala with a wonderful team. We would like to provide beds for the elderly in Yalu. Many of them are sleeping on the ground or in makeshift beds. We would like the elderly to finally experience a real bed. We would like to provide stoves to families in the village. These stoves will allow the smoke to vent out of their homes which is much more healthy for them. We would also like to provide food for these families.

  • The cost for the elder beds is $250. This includes bed/mattresses, a pillow, and a comforter.

  • Sheets cost $20.

  • The stoves cost $205. 

  • We would like to raise funds for feeding the elderly.

  • We will also be collecting school supplies and books for the newly built school in Yalu.

  • We would also like to raise funds for any supplies that the children's home needs such as food, diapers, formula, etc. We would like to also provide a meal and a fun day for the kids.

  • We will be partnering with DBO ministries to feed the homeless in Antigua as well.


We are grateful for any support and donations you can provide. 

Thank you and God bless.

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