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See what is happening at our English Immersion School and Education Center in Yalu!

Our first classes began in March 2021 with an education program, called Conalfa, that has given young mothers the opportunity to work on completing their education. We held preschool classes and homework help for their children of all ages and daycare services for their babies.

These programs turned out to be spectacular. The moms were dedicated and worked hard to pass their first years of primary education. We held a graduation ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments and empower them to continue to speak up for what they want in their lives. To witness their enthusiasm and successes, and to see how proud they were to be able to begin reading to their children was heart-stopping. Their children were so proud of them.

The programs for the kids were equally amazing. They loved to come to school with their backpacks each and every day to learn, sing, and play in the vast open air of the schoolyard and the enchanted forest outside of our gates! The dedicated staff exhibits incredible creativity and passion to keep the moms and kids engaged every single day. Thank you Patty, Clarita, Wendy, Magaly, and Nery!

We are excited to have completed our four classrooms, bathrooms with showers for the boys and girls, and most recently our beautiful entrance which finished securing the perimeter of the land. Even the parking lot is stunning!

We are thrilled to begin our next project of building the library in honor of Tom Anderson, the father of our dear friend Vicki Peterkins. The library will double as a welcome center when you all come to visit again. It will be filled with books and computers and will have a monitor to share classes via Google Classroom with schools in other parts of the world. A telescope for the rooftop will allow our kids to reach for the stars!

Future plans for our Education Center include a weaving and sewing co-op, and coffee farm as we want to offer training for all ages. We will keep you updated as this unfolds. Many of these experiences will align with the culture of Yalu, and local experts will be hired to teach the community. A class to teach sewing sheets for the bunk bed project is in the works!

This past week, we met with our education consultant Marco Ortiz. We are looking forward to continuing working toward our certification through the ministry of education! Most of all, we are invigorated to teach these precious kids critical thinking skills... understanding that teaching them to think for themselves is the greatest education we can give them! And English will be a phenomenal plus!

We could not have even begun to do this life-changing work without your support!

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