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Homes in Yalu have potable water!

Water is life.

Imagine growing up without water in your home.

Imagine having to wake up at 4am every day and carry bucket after bucket of water, in the dark and in the cold, just to have enough water to cook for the day.

Imagine not being able to shower after working 12 long hours in the fields in the hot sun.

Imagine having to carry all your laundry to the closest pila, sometimes 15 minutes away, just to wash your clothes.

The people of San Jose Yalu didn´t have to imagine. They lived it every single day. Until now.

It is hard to believe that in the year 2022, there are places around the world without this basic necessity for life.

It is an absolute privilege for El Amor de Patricia to have partnered with the Municipality of Sumpango, the people of Yalu and the COCODE (local leaders) to bring potable water to all the homes in Yalu. This project broke ground in November 2021. On March 4, 2022 we celebrated the completion of this life changing project. Our staff in Guatemala was able to help make this project happen because of the unwavering support and trust of our supporters and donors. There are not adequate words to describe this day of watching families turn on their faucet to bring water to their homes FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. El Amor de Patricia is incredibly grateful to be able to work alongside the beautiful people of Yalu and make this dream come true.

We cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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