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Holy Guacamole

Join Us in Making a Difference:


Hello, and welcome to our page! We are team ¡Holy Guacamole! and hail from all over the U.S. – Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, California - and we would love for you to be a part of our mission from wherever you are!


We are a bunch of really hard workers and can’t wait to get started on our projects!

Your generosity can make a world of difference. Every donation, no matter the size, is tax-deductible and goes directly towards these impactful projects. To contribute, simply click the DONATE button and be part of the change.

Let's come together to bring lasting memories and sustainable change to the beautiful people of Guatemala. 


Thank you for your support!

Team Holy Guacamole

Our Projects and Initiatives:
  1. Bunk Beds for Children ($220): Help us provide comfortable beds for children in the village of Yalu who have never had a bed of their own. The cost includes delivery, the bedframe, 2 mattresses, 2 pillows, and 2 comforters, all sourced locally.

  2. Elder Beds ($250): This project started many years ago, when a nurse in the village mentioned there was a woman who was bedridden with a broken back and sleeping on a makeshift bed made of scrap wood. During Covid when El Amor staff were delivering food directly to homes throughout the region, they noticed that nearly all elderly people were sleeping on the floor with mats or pieces of wood. We offered them beds and they were so grateful for the reprieve and comfort. Since then, the elderly villagers started asking for beds more frequently and El Amor has provided them. The bed has handrails and comes with a standard size mattress, a pillow, and a comforter. All components are sourced locally.

  3. Stove Installation ($205): This is one of the greatest needs in the community right now. The stoves replace open fires inside homes, offering clean air, safety, and quality of life for families. These innovative stoves are designed with cultural needs in mind, allowing for pots of rice and beans to be cooked simultaneously with tortillas. The stoves also require significantly less wood to heat them throughout the day, saving families time and resources, and reducing environmental impact.

  4. House Painting ($300): Help us transform homes with a fresh coat of paint to create a more vibrant and welcoming environment! This is a highly-requested project by the people of Yalu, and families get to choose the color they want from a palette of traditional Antiguan colors. This cost covers the paint and supplies required to transform the entire exterior of one home.

  5. Carnival Day ($200): Host a day of fun, games, prizes, and smiles for the children in Yalu and at the children’s home, creating lasting memories.

  6. Hygiene Clinic ($250): Help us promote good health and well-being practices through a hygiene clinic, and make a tangible impact on the community's health. This is a wonderful bonding experience and an opportunity to show our Guatemalan friends how much they matter and are seen. This clinic will serve 75-100 people.

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